Blood Lad Season 2 Premiere Date

Will there be a second season of Blood Lad, this Japanese action animation was written by Yuuki Kodama.

It is about a fight that will decide the fate of the human kind.

A boy is chosen to save the mankind, will he succeed?

Is there going to be Blood Lad season 2?

There is still no confirmation but it is probable that the there will be a second season and that it will start airing in 2015.

Blood Lad - cover image

Blood Lad Recap & Summary
Season 1 Recap

Blood Lad Season 2 Update

 Although there is no official information about the second season of Blood Lad, a lot of rumors say that there will be. As we find more information, we will update the article.

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2 Responses

  1. Hey Guys says:

    Not many people know this, but there is an 11th episode. Look it up on allmyanime. Uhh, I don’t know if they’ll have anymore seasons/episodes. All the websites I checked out says in 2015. Hello, it 2016, guys!!! So, we’ll just have to wait and see…

  2. Man.....I want another season says:

    Damn It I loved Blood Lad and I Don`t believe it’s getting another season…….

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