Forever Season 2 Premiere Date

Forever is a science fiction drama, it’s about a 200-year-old man who works in the New York City Morgue.

He’s trying to find a way to destroy the curse of his immortality.

The show was created by Matthew Miller, the main cast includes Ioan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, Joel David Moore, Donnie Keshawarz, Judd Hirsch, and Lorraine Toussaint.

Will there be Forever season 2?

There is still no information about the premiere date of Forever.

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Forever Recap & Summary
Season 1 Recap

Forever Season 2 Update

The ratings fell by 50% since the first episode, however there is still a chance for a second season. For more information and confirmation about the second season, come back later.

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  1. Anita Imazumi says:

    Here is the thing. While we wile away the hours in front of the boob tube, watching a President Cheat on his wife(eg Bill Clinton) a female law professor cheating on her husband and he cheating on her, not to mention the Bachelor shows filled with soft and sometimes hardcore porn, makes me wonder if I was born in the wrong Century.

    Well Henry Morgan is from another Century with good values, good looks, kindness , old fashioned, charming and such a pleasure to watch. He doesn’t grope women in a hot tub, he doesn’t grope Joe Martinez on the street, he treats his adopted son with love. Oh, whatever am I thinking. The is actually a show that a family could watch together without being grossed out!!! There is Romance, History and Intrique. And know the faithful followers, like myself want to see a Happy Relationship with the main characters. Everyone else in the cast is beyond excellent, believable and above all human. The cop shows are not realistic, the Bachelor shows are garbage and need to be put in a landfill and Scandal and How to get away with Murder are shows with no values, only about pain, gain and unprotected sexual behavior. Let’s face it. if you are rich, beautiful and wear the right clothes, you are given permission to behave badly, you can do whatever strikes your fancy. Who writes this garbage anyway. and what makes the general public obey this trash? Who knows, who cares, however, because I have a voice, I want everyone who loves Forever, to stop watching ABC Forever, and watch the other shows that are equally distasteful.

    Bring back Forever, and bring back some family values, like respect, romance and friendship. Get a clueABC, or you are done and I am done with you.

    Anita Imazumi

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