Top 25 Funny TV Shows

There are a lot of funny TV shows, but in this list you will find the best 25 comedy TV shows.

Making the list was quite fun and considering I didn’t make them in any particular order made it a lot easier.

So many great series, and I encourage you to watch them all even though I suppose you have already watched a great deal of them.

Top 25 Funniest TV Shows Ever

The Simpsons - imageThe Simpsons

Created by: Matt Groening
Genre: Animated Sitcom
Running Time: 21-24 mins
Original Channel: Fox

The Simpsons was created by Matt Groening, it is one of the most recognizable animated sitcoms. The series started airing in 1989. So far there have been 25 seasons and 552 episodes, amazing right?

It’s setting takes place in a mythical land called Springfield, its about a family trying to make the most out of every situation. You have got to love Bart and Homer (my favorites). A lot of interesting characters in this legendary series.

I always like to look on what’s ahead of me, what I see is the 26th season of The Simpsons. There is absolutely no chance that you haven’t watched or heard of the show, I decided to start the list with this classic, it’s difficult to find someone who dislikes it.

Orange Is the New Black - imageOrange Is the New Black

Created by: Jenji Kohan
Genre: Comedy Drama
Running Time: 51-90 mins
Original Channel: Netflix

Orange Is the New Black is a fairly new series, it started airing in 2013. The show was created by Jenji Kohan and has received a lot of praise since its debut. 2 seasons and 26 episodes in and I have to say it is a show you cannot afford to miss out on.

An interesting case of a woman sentenced to serve 15 months for a crime committed 10 years ago. Piper Chapman was transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend and now pays the price.

It is a great show, as I mentioned the reception has been very good and practically it is the right moment to start watching it. A great crime series filled with a lot of humor.

Friends - imageFriends

Created by: David Crane, Marta Kauffman
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 20-22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Friends was created by the duo of David Crane and Marta Kauffman. The show lasted for ten years and as far as sitcoms go, this is my favorite, what a series. 236 episodes and 10 seasons of pure brilliance.

Six New Yorker’s in their twenties deal with their love and work issues. Monica is a chef, her brother Ross is a geek and has a PHD in paleontology, Chandler and Joey live across Monica and her new room-mate Rachel who is a waitress at the Central Perk, the coffee shop where they hang out all the time.

The reception was very positive, until date it is considered as one of the best sitcoms ever made. It is a very original show that you are definitely going to enjoy.

The Office - imageThe Office

Created by: Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant
Genre: Mockumentary
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

The Office was developed by Greg Daniels, it was on air for 8 years, from 2005 to 2013. The star of the show among others was Steve Carell. The show has 201 episodes.

It is based on the BBC series with the same name, it’s about a group of office people who clash on daily bases. A very interesting TV show consisted of awesome characters.

Another series with a lot of success, a great combination and chemistry on the set made this a show that you cannot afford to miss.

Family Guy - imageFamily Guy

Created by: Seth MacFarlane
Genre: Animated Sitcom
Running Time: 20-23 mins
Original Channel: Fox

Family Guy started airing a decade later than “The Simpsons”, the show was created by Seth MacFarlane. 231 episodes so far and hopefully many more to come.

A dysfunctional family tries to cope with the crazy situations they keep bumping in, the plot takes place in a town in Rhode Island. Another great animated sitcom.

When it comes to sitcoms, Family Guy is at the very top so if this is you genre then start watching the series.

Parks and Recreation - pictureParks and Recreation

Created by: Greg Daniels, Michael Schur
Genre: Mockumentary
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Parks and Recreation was created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur. There are 6 seasons and 112 episodes of this mockumentary, a great series with great actors such as Aziz Ansari, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman and many more.

Indiana’s town officials are working on interesting projects to do better for their city, a lot of great characters and interactions makes this show incredibly funny.

Most similar to The Office if you ask me, I certainly enjoyed it and recommend it highly to everyone who enjoys mockumentaries. The reception was very positive.

Modern Family - pictureModern Family

Created by: Christopher Lloyd, Steven Levitan
Genre: Mockumentary
Running Time: 21-22 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Modern Family was on air since 2009, when it comes to the series that are currently on air, this one is my favorite. It is a very good show, so far there have been 120 episodes and hopefully many more to come.

The clue is in the name, it is about a big modern family. One regular old fashioned, one with a rich guy and his younger hotter wife from Colombia and a gay couple. A great sitcom that is making a real mark in the comedy section when it comes to TV shows.

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan so my recommendation is expected, if by any chance you haven’t been around to give it a chance then now is the time.

How I Met Your Mother - pictureHow I Met Your Mother

Created by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas
Genre: Romantic Comdey
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: CBS

How I Met Your Mother was created by the duo of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. It is a very popular romantic comedy starring Neil Patrick Harris among others.

Ted searches for the woman of his dreams with the help of his friends. Suit up and watch the show, you are gonna love it esspecially Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris).

A great series that ended controversaly, many dislikes it and critised it harshly but nevertheless you should watch it, there are 208 episodes of this legen…wait for it…dary show.

The Big Bang Theory - pictureThe Big Bang Theory

Created by: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 18-22 mins
Original Channel: CBS

The Big Bang Theory is another show created by Chuck Lorre, this time in a partnership with Bill Prady. The series is on air since 2007 and thus far has 159 episodes.

It is about geeks who happen to have PhD’s in various areas (except Howard), some even two. Sheldon Cooper lives with Leonard and they get a new neighbor in Penny, a wannabe actress who works as a waitress. A lot of great humor that you will enjoy ten times more if you are a “geek”.

A very unique show that I for one enjoy a lot, can’t wait for the 8th season. Watch the series.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - photoIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Created by: Rob McElhenney
Genre: Black Comedy
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: FX, FXX

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or as it is also known as It’s Always Sunny was created by Rob McElhenney, it started airing in 2005, almost a decade ago. 104 episodes so far in the nine seasons.

Arrogant friends with big egos are bartenders in an Irish bar in Philadelphia, I love this list, so many great series. Great humor and great actors, Danny DeVito anyone?

It’s black comedy at its best, sitcoms tend to last for a long period and I for one hope that this one will last for as long as it has thus far. If you still haven’t watched the show then your wait should be over.

That '70s Show - photoThat ’70s Show

Created by: Bonnie Turner, Mark Brazill, Terry Turner
Genre: Period Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: Fox

That ’70s Show was on air from 1998 to 2006. A fairly popular series in its time with actors like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis starring in it.

It’s setting takes place in a fictional town called Point Place in Wisconsis. It’s the seventies as you might have predicted and it revolves around teen and their mishaps and their coming of age.

Another very interesting series that you will surely enjoy, the reception from the critics was very positive.

Community - photoCommunity

Created by: Dan Harmon
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Community was created by Dan Harmon, the show started airing in 2009. Thus far it had 97 episodes, it used to be on NBC but from the sixth seasons its going to air on Yahoo! Screen.

A lawyer gets suspended and as his punishment he has to enroll in community college. It is a great idea by Dan Harmon and works very well, a very interesting series with awesome humor.

Make sure you give the show a chance, another show that received a lot of praise.

Arrested Development - photoArrested Development

Created by: Mitchell Hurwitz
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: Fox, Netflix

Arrested Development initially was on air from 2003 to 2006, it had an additional season last year. 68 seasons is the total of the series, considered as one of the very best sitcoms.

Michael Bluth takes over the family business when his father ends up behind bars, the job is difficult as it is and his dysfunctional family doesn’t help at all.

It is a sitcom that you have to watch, it received high praise, as high as a sitcom can receive to be frank.

Freaks and Geeks - imageFreaks and Geeks

Created by: Paul Feig
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 44 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Freaks and Geeks was created by Paul Feig, it is a teen drama that has only 18 episodes, the series was on air from 1999 to 2000.

The plot takes place in the 80’s, it’s about two different groups dealing with life in high-school. It is a great show that everyone hoped it would last longer, at the end there was only one season of this great comedy drama.

Considering there are only eighteen episodes it would’t take too much of your time but note that you might get addicted and demand for more.

Seinfeld - imageSeinfeld

Created by: Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Seinfeld was created by Seinfeld, period. What a great show this is, it was on air from 1989 to 1998. When it comes to sitcoms Seinfeld is considered as one of the very best, highly popular and loved.

It’s about a comedians career and life along with his best friends. The series about nothing was a huge success, great dialog, funny situations, it’s simply a show that defines sitcoms.

180 episodes is what you have to watch to catch up, to be frank I suppose most of you have already watched the show.

Monty Python's Flying Circus - pictureMonty Python’s Flying Circus

Created by: Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones Eric Idle, Michael Palin
Genre: Sketch Comedy
Running Time: 25-30 mins
Original Channel: BBC1 BBC2

Monty Python’s Flying Circus was on air from 1969 to 1974, the oldest series in this list and a great show indeed. 45 episodes is the total of this sketch and surreal comedy.

Tasteless, surreal, baudy but also hilarious. What a show, you will find the likes of Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese and many more awesome actors.

There is a good chance you haven’t watched the show so let me tell you that you should really give it a chance.

South Park - imageSouth Park

Created by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Genre: Black Comedy, Shock Humor
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: Comedy Central

South Park was created by the duo of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, this is an authentic animated sitcom, the strong language and the black comedy suggests that it is not for kids as one might think.

It takes place in South Park, Colorado. It’s about 4 grade-schoolers and their mishaps. One of my 4 favorite animated sitcoms, watch it especially if you like black comedy.

It has been on air since 1997, thus far it had 247 episodes.

Archer - pictureArcher

Created by: Adam Reed
Genre: Crime, Black Comedy
Running Time: 19-21 mins
Original Channel: FX

Archer is on air since 2010, so far it had 62 episodes. The TV show was created by Adam Reed.

ISIS is an international spy agency, global crisis occur all the time and it is a great opportunity for its employees to manipulate and betray each-other.

It is a great animated sitcom filled with black comedy, if you are a fan of espionage and crime series you will love this one.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - imageCurb Your Enthusiasm

Created by: Larry David
Genre: Improvisation
Running Time: 30 mins
Original Channel: HBO

Curb Your Enthusiasm was created and written by Larry David who happens to be part of the acting crew as-well. The show is still on air, since 2000, so far it has 80 episodes and a hour long special.

When you have everything, what could possibly go wrong, the answer is everything! He has a beautiful wife, a succesful career and great friends but sometimes the Universe is just against you.

Seinfeld co-creator has done it again, what an awesome show this is, enjoy!

Futurama - photoFuturama

Created by: Matt Groening
Genre: Adult Animation
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: Fox, Comedy Central

Futurama was firstly on air on Fox from 1999 to 2003 and the picked up where they left on Comedy Central from 2008 to 2013. The series was created by Matt Groening. It has 7 seasons and 140 episode.

Fry, a pizza guy gets accidentally frozen for a millennium. One of the best science fiction animated sitcoms ever, what a great series this is.

The timing of the show’s airing wasn’t good therefor the series often was missed because of sports. However critics really enjoyed it and gave it praise.

New Girl - imageNew Girl

Created by: Elizabeth Meriwether
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: Fox

New Girl is on air since 2011, it was created by Elizabeth Meriwether. Zooey Deschanel does a great job as the protagonist of the show, it received huge praise and popularity instantly.

Jess is the new girl, after a bad break-up she moves in with three single men. They try to help her in her professional and love life, at-least sometimes they try.

Another series that is still on air and one of my preferred choices when it comes to sitcoms.

Trophy Wife - pictureTrophy Wife

Created by: Emily Halpern, Sarah Haskins
Genre: Sitcom
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Trophy Wife was on air briefly but made a significant mark, the show was created by Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins. Only one season and 22 episodes of this sitcom.

A party girl finds herself in a new and unusual life, at-least for her. She falls for a man with three manipulative kids and two ex-wife’s who won’t wait for long to judge you.

Too bad the series didn’t last for too long, if you get attached easily maybe this series is not for you.

Scrubs - imageScrubs

Created by: Bill Lawrence
Genre: Comedy Drama
Running Time: 20-25 mins
Original Channel: NBC, ABC

Scrubs was on air mostly on NBC, for seven years (2001-2008) and then another on ABC. The show was created by Bill Lawrence, there are 182 episodes and 9 seasons of this comedy drama.

Sacred Heart Hospital is where John Dorina, an intern learns about life, medicine and friendship. Great show filled with unique humor, Zach Braff played the role of his life in this sitcom.

I am sure you will enjoy this show, the bro love is strong with this one.

30 Rock - image30 Rock

Created by: Tina Frey
Genre: Satire
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: NBC

30 Rock was created by Tina Frey, the same Tina Frey that stars in the show alongside Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. The series was on air from 2006 to 2013.

A head writer of a show has to deal with a new crazy star and an arrogant new boss while trying to keep her sanity. So many great series, another one that you have to watch.

138 episodes is the total of the show, well done Tina Frey.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - pictureThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Created by: Andy Borowitz, Susan Borowitz
Genre:  Family Sitcom
Running Time: 23 mins
Original Channel: NBC

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was the show that shot Will Smith onto the stars, it was on air from 1990 to 1996. There are 148 episodes of this teen sitcom, Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro formed a partnership that was too good to miss it.

Will Smith gets sent out to the luxury Bel-Air after he got into some trouble back home in Philadelphia. My favorite show from childhood, you don’t want to miss this one.


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