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Togetherness Season 2 Premiere Date

Is there going to be second season of Togetherness? What is the air date? Togetherness is a comedy show where two couples live under the same roof, they have difficulties keeping their relationships alive and...

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Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere Date

Is there going to be second season of Agent Carter? What is the premiere date? Agent Carter was created Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, it’s about Peggy Carter, a woman relegated to secretarial duties...

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New Girl Season 5 Premiere Date

Will there be season 5 of the popular comedy series New Girl? Find out here… New Girl was created by Elizabeth Meriwether, it’s about a young woman who moves in with three single men...

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American Horror Story Season 5 Premiere Date

Want to know if there is going to be season 5 of the popular TV show American Horror Story? Continue reading… This anthology series concentrate on different location and people, it includes haunted houses, a...

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Grimm Season 5 Premiere Date

Is there going to be a season 5 of the popular series Grimm? The fans are waiting for the new season, but when will it air?

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Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex is a TV show about the human sexuality and the research that touched off the sexual revolution.

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Salem is a series that takes place in 17th century in Massachusetts. It’s a story about the witch hunt that took place there.

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Silicon Valley

In the high tech Silicon Valley we take a look at a new discovery and the troubles it can give you, the setting takes place in the present.