Top 10 Best Sci-Fi TV Shows

Although there have been hundreds of  TV shows, some are better than the others in one way or the other.

In this article we will list the best shows from the Sci-Fi genre.

So here are the top 10 best Sci-Fi TV shows.

Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Ever

sci-fi tv shows - doctor who

That Was Then TV ShowThat Was Then

This series was the one that, if one had blinked then it may have been missed in a flash. This was a gem of a TV series with a lot of potential but it was one of those sci-fi series that was short lived. In this series, Travis Glass who is played by James Bulliard turns 30 years old. He then realizes that his life since high school was pretty much wasted. With the help of a wish, an electrical and an old Kink’s song, Travis returns to 1988 to change his past but every time he hears the Kink’s song he is sent back to the future.

The Invaders Sci Fi ShowThe Invaders

The TV series, The Invaders is the one which followed the dangerous workings and exploits of the architect David Vincent as tried to warn almost everyone he could find that there was a giant alien who wanted to take over the world. It was a very scintillating TV show that dealt themes like the infiltration of the society, subversive behavior and the Cold War-era paranoia. The aliens in the show appeared in their human forms and roamed around undetected. They did not have any pulse, could not bleed and if they were killed, their bodies would disintegrate into thin air and it would be hard for anyone to prove their existence.

Max Headroom

The TV series, Max Headroom is based on the 20 minute British cyberpunk TV movie called Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future. In this series, a reporter played by Matt Frewer tries to expose corrupted TV executives for creating certain dangerous subliminal ads. This was one of those Science Fiction TV series that was decades ahead of its time. The series is set in a funky, futuristic place ruled by an oligarchy of TV networks. Apart from creating a late 80s pop culture icon, the show also dealt with things such corporate greed, terrorism, government conspiracies, organ thieves and many more.

StarGate Universe

SyFy recently cancelled the series SGU. It was at a time when the fans of the series were really interested in the series. The Series here is quite different from the other SGUs. This particular series had the emphasis on the mix of civilian and military personnel who aim to seek refuge with the help of the gate and find themselves on a strange alien ship. It is a ship that is far from the Earth and everyone is looking to go home. The show is a mixture of a slow burn and action. Unfortunately, it was one of the series that was cancelled way before its time.

Life On Mars

The TV series, “Life on Mars” revolves around Sam Tyler (John Simm) who is a detective of the modern day Manchester. He is hit by a car and awakens to find himself living life of a polyester, plaid and chops in the year 1973. This series features a metaphysical mystery which is wrapped in a sci-fi premise. Simm’s performance is one of the key features of this TV series which has made it watchable. He acts as a tormented cop who is searching to get to his home. The details provided by the series are over the top and surprisingly accurate.

Quantum Leap

This award winning sci-fi series follows physicist by the name of Dr. Sam Beckett, who is played by Scott Bakula. He fails a time travel experiment which left him blindly “leaping” into the bodies of other individuals throughout the passage of time, where he must then set things up rightly that had gone wrong in hopes of jumping or leaping to his next stop that would be his home. After a leap, Sam would have a very weak memory about who he is and what he has to do. His only help is the naval officer Al Calavicci, played by Dean Stockwell.

The Outer Limits

The series “Outer Limits” was a science fiction, fantasy, horror anthology TV series that was kinda like the Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits was not a huge success in its day and age but it ran for around only 49 episodes. In the first season of the series, the screenwriter for the series Psycho, Joseph Stefano was the series’ creative shepherd. Other writers who contributed to the series were Robert Towne and Harlan Ellison. From then on, the series Outer Limits featured a pop-ish feeling with a catchy opening and closing narration by the Control Voice and many of its props and crew members later turning out to be on Star Trek.

The Prisoner

The TV series “The Prisoner”, which is Co-created by and also stars Patrick McGoohan, who was known for his really popular spy themed TV series Danger Man also known as the Secret Agent at the time. Although at that particular time, the prisoner was just as a spin on that concept which turned out to be a really great one. McGoohan stars as Number Six who is a former spy who after his resignation, is kidnapped and forced to take up a residence in The Village. This particular TV series takes the viewers on a really good journey and combines many natures that are found in good TV shows.

The X-Files

The TV series “The X-Files” was one of those sci-fi shows that had absolutely each and everything in store. From alien abductions, mutants and government conspiracies. This was one of the most popular 90’s FOX series. The actors of this series redefined and reinvigorated the whole offset of paranormal investigations in this shocking and thrilling series that really left the viewers believing something for real. The show featured urban legends, mythological beasts and many other things which were chased down by Mulder and Scully as they investigated the creepy happenings. Not to mention their chemistry and their sexual tension on the show.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who, which debuted way back in the day was one of those series that became an instant classic among all the viewers but fast forward 16 years and some people believe that it might not be the best ever Doctor Who. In 2005, after a 16 year hiatus, writer and producer Russel T. Davies started the show yet again with Christopher Eccleston who starred as the 9th Doctor. So, the viewers had the time traveler in a setting and style that could be much appreciated by the viewers of today. Some say that this series was one of the best renditions of the Doctor Who.

So what is your favorite sci-fi TV show of all time? Write us in the comments below.

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