Top 10 TV Shows Like Chuck

Here is a list of the top 10 TV shows that are the most identical to Chuck.

A list that wasn’t easy to make, there is no particular order; I consider all of them to be great series. A lot of great action and adventure series, as-well as comedy TV shows.

You will find similarities with Chuck in every show below. I hope you’ll enjoy the list, I found many shows that I will re-watch.

10 Best Shows Like Chuck


Created by: Michael Seitzman
Genre: Drama, Espionage, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: CBS

Intelligence started airing this year. Josh Holloway plays the main character, the actor is mostly known by his role as Sawyer in Lost.

Gabriel Vaughn is an intelligence operative with a microchip built in his brain, he is able to do things on the field that were undo-able until now, a great science fiction action and adventure series. It just started so its the right time to start watching it.

The reception so far is good, the critics claim that the series have a lot of potential.

CHAOS - pictureCHAOS

Created by: Tom Spezialy
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: CBS

CHAOS was on air for six months, 13 episodes is the total of the show.

It’s about rogue CIA spies that try not to get fired because of budget cuts, a very funny drama with interesting characters.

The show premiered with 6 million viewers, not the best show on the list but it has similar humor to Chuck. It received and average rating by most critics.


Created by: Joel Surnow
Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Physiological Thriller, Spy Fiction
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: The CW

Nikita was on air for 3 years, from 2010 to 2013. There are 4 seasons and 73 episodes of this spy fiction drama.

Nikita was on death row, she got rescued and her death was faked by an organization called the Division, what they didn’t tell her is that she was going to be trained as a spy and assassin. After she escapes from the Division, something no one has done before, she comes back after three years to reveal its true identity.

A large fan base was formed from the first season, the reception was quite good and this is definitely a series you shouldn’t miss out on.

My Own Worst Enemy

Created by: Jason Smilovic
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 40mins
Original Channel: NBC

My Own Worst Enemy was created by Jason Smilovic, it was on our TV’s for only two months.

Henry Spivey has two personalities, the one has a normal suburban life, a wife, a dog, a minivan and so forth…the other one is a lethal operative.

You will see something like Memento in this series, who am I? What should I do?


Created by: Steve Franks
Genre: Detective, Police Procedural, Comedy Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: USA Network

Psych was on air from 2006 to this March. There are 8 seasons and 121 episodes of this police procedural.

A novice is hired by the police to help them in the difficult cases because he managed to make them believe him that he has psych powers, he and his best friend solve a lot of cases, an interesting detective and comedy drama.

6 million viewers for the premiere and an above average score by the critics.

White Collar

Created by: Jeff Eastin
Genre: Drama, Police Procedural
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: USA Network

White Collar is on air since 2009, it was created by Jeff Eastin. Matt Bomer plays the main character.

A white collar con reaches and agreement with the police to help them out to catch other white collar criminals, using his expertise he is of big help to the police.

The series has announced there will be a sixth season consisting of six episodes.

Burn Notice

Created by: Matt Nix
Genre: Action, Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: USA Network

Burn Notice is an America TV show created by Matt Nix; there are 111 episodes + 1 movie.

A spy gets disavowed by the US government; he proceeds to help other in need with his acquired knowledge. Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar play the main characters in this action drama.

The movie was released in 2011; it is a prequel to the TV show, a great action series.

Human Target

Created by: Jonathan E. Steinberg
Genre: Action, Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: Fox, CTV

Human Target was on air for 13 months, there are 2 seasons and 25 episodes of this another action drama.

Christopher Chance is specialized in desperate cases. He works in a team with Winston, a retired police detective and Guerrero, a computer wizard and former gangster.

The premiere received generally positive reviews, even though some though that it was boring and that the characters were uninteresting.

How I Met Your Mother

Created by: Carter Bays, Craig Thomas
Genre: Sitcom, Comedy Drama, Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 22 mins
Original Channel: CBS

HIMYM started airing in 2005, it is considered one of the best sitcoms ever. 208 episodes is the total of this romantic comedy.

Ted Mosby is in search for the love of his life, he does that with help of his friends, Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin. A lot of great humor and interesting characters.

I’m sure you heard or/and watched the show, the finale was a disappointment by many but if you haven’t watched the nine seasons then its time.


Created by: Based on by Superman by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel
Genre: Superhero, Fantasy, Drama, Science Fiction
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: The WB(2001-2006), The CW(2006-2011)

Smallville is probably one of the best superhero TV shows; it was on air for ten years. Tom Welling plays a great Clark Kent.

Its about early Superman days, he discovers his powers and tries to keep them secret, his relationship with Lana Lang and his parents is very interesting.

A great show, you have to give it a chance, this show broke the record for highest rated debut on The WB.

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