Top 10 TV Shows Like Friday Night Lights

What are the best TV shows like Friday Night Lights?

Here we go, another interesting list just for you, this time we will take a look at the series that resemble the most with Friday Night Lights.

I enjoyed making this list as there are a lot of interesting teen dramas out there.

Some of the series are not that popular but remember that resemblance counts as well.

I hope you’ll find a series you will start watching fanatically.

Best Shows Like Friday Night Lights

Parenthood posterParenthood

Created by: Ron Howard
Genre: Family Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Parenthood is on air since 2010, it was created by Ron Howard. There are 90 episodes and 5 season so far, it’s a great comedy drama.

What’s the secret of a successful marriage of 46 years, bury the problems underneath the surface. They have three kids, Adam, Sarah and Crosby. The first one is the most successful, he owns a shoe company, has a supportive wife and two kids. Sarah is the problematic one, the last, Crosby is the guy who lives in the moment.

It’s a very interesting series, it has received generally positive reviews. Highly recommended.

Bionic Woman - pictureBionic Woman

Created by: David Eick
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: NBC

Bionic Woman was on air for 2 months. It was created by David Eick, only 8 episodes of this action-adventure science fiction series.

Jaime survives a terrible car accident, an operation is performed by her boyfriend and she is left with advanced bionic, implants and prosthetic.

The series received mostly negative reception, it’s definitely not among the best TV shows out there but is similar in some ways to Friday Night Lights.

Grey's Anatomy - imageGrey’s Anatomy

Created by: Shonda Rhimes
Genre: Medical Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy is on air since 2005. It was created by Shonda Rhimes, there are 220 episodes so far.

It’s about surgical interns and their supervisors, the plot revolves around their personal and professional life. A lot of drama makes this show exceptional, no surprise that it has lasted this long.

It has been very well received by the critics, it’s a medical drama that you should really watch.

Star-Crossed - imageStar-Crossed

Created by: Meredith Averill
Genre: Romance, Science Fiction
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: The CW

Star-Crossed was on air in 2014, it has only 13 episodes. The series was created by Meredith Averill.

Aliens have landed on Earth ten years ago, they are even integrated in a high-school and that’s when it all starts, an alien boy and a human girl fall in love. It’s a great romance science fiction.

The premiere was viewed by 1.2 million people. If you are a fan of romance and science fiction then you might really enjoy this series.

Hart of Dixie - photoHart of Dixie

Created by: Leila Gerstein
Genre: Medical Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: The CW

Hart of Dixie is on air since 2011. It was created by Leila Gerstein, another medical drama that you will really like.

A new doctor gets offered a job in Alabama, she accepts but when she gets there she found out that Dr. Harley Wilkes died and left her the whole medical practice in his will. She has to step up now and show what she is made of.

66 episodes and 3 seasons so far, you will find similarities with Friday Night Lights but perhaps even more with Grey’s Anatomy.

Nashville - imageNashville

Created by: Callie Khouri
Genre: Drama, Musical
Running Time: 42-44 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Nashville was created by Callie Khouri, it has been on air since 2012. There have been 43 episodes so far.

It’s about a 40 year old superstar named Rayna Jaymes whose star begins to fade. She teams up with Juliette Barnes after being forced in order to keep up the ratings.

The reception has been quite positive, give the series a chance.

Charlie's Angels - imageCharlie’s Angels

Created by: Ivan Goff, Ben Roberts
Genre: Action
Running Time: 44 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Charlie’s Angels was on air for about two months, it was created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, another not very successful series.

A dirty cop, a car thief and a cat burglar get a second chance and decide to fight crime with the mysterious Charlie Townsend.

There are only 8 episodes of this crime drama, the series received mostly negative reception.

One Tree Hill - pictureOne Tree Hill

Created by: Mark Schwahn
Genre: Drama and Sports
Running Time: 39-44 mins
Original Channel: The WB, The CW

One Tree Hill was created by Mark Schwahn, it was on air from 2003 to 2012. The show has 187 episodes and according to me it is the most similar to Friday Night Lights.

The Ravens is the basketball team of the high-school in Tree Hill, a small town in North Carolina, the biggest source of pride comes from being a member in that team. It is a series with a lot of teen drama, a great TV show.

It received mixed reviews, it was compared to O.C. and Dawson’s Creek. It’s an interesting combination of drama ans sports, watch it!

Gossip Girl - imageGossip Girl

Created by: Josh Schawrtz, Stephanie Savage
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 39-44 mins
Original Channel: The CW

Gossip Girl was created by the duo of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, it was on air from 2007 to 2012. The show was on The CW for the whole 6 seasons.

It’s about the wealthy young adults, their dramatic lives and life decisions like who to go out with, what college to pick et cetera.

Initially the show received mixed reviews, it has 121 episodes and is one of the more popular series on the list.

The O.C. - imageThe O.C.

Created by: Josh Schwartz
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: Fox

The O.C. was created by Josh Schwartz, it was on air from 2003 to 2007. There are 92 episodes of the series. Peter Gallagher plays one of the main characters of the show.

It takes place as you might imagine in Orange County, California. The plot revolves around a troubled youth who lives in an upper-class neighborhood.

The show received mostly positive response, it’s a great series that I am sure you will enjoy. It’s been a while since I last watched this show, really enjoyed it.

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