Top 10 TV Shows Like Pretty Little Liars

What are the best TV shows like Pretty Little Liars?

This is a list of the TV shows that are most identical to the Pretty Little Liars. It’s difficult to put them in any particular order therefor there is no order.

Any show on the list is similar enough to the Pretty Little Liars so you should try them all out. Most of them are teen dramas and also started airing in the 21st century.

Best Shows Like Pretty Little Liars


Created by: Rob Thomas, Jeff Judah, Gabe Sachs
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 36-42 mins
Original Channel: The CW

90210 was on air from 2008 to 2013, this is the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise.

A Kansas family moves to Beverly Hills, they face a lot of difficulties in adapting, especially their two kids, considering all the drama revolving in West Beverly Hills High.

There are 5 seasons and 114 episodes of this glamorous teen drama. The premiere was seen by almost 5 million viewers. As the seasons went by the ratings started to plummet, the third season premiere was seen by 2 million viewers. This is one of the best shows like Pretty Little Liars.

Gossip Girl

Created by: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 39-44 mins
Original Channel: The CW

Gossip Girl was on air from 2007  to 2012. The narrator of the show was Kristen Bell, the main character was played Blake Lively.

It’s setting takes place in the wealthy side of New York, teens make important decisions about their life, like in what college they are going, about their love life and so forth. An interesting teen drama.

The Gossip Girls was one of the most anticipated new TV shows, the pilot received a lot of positive praise. 121 episodes and 6 seasons is the total of the show.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Created by: Brendan Hampton
Genre: Teen Drama
Running Time: 45 mins
Original Channel: ABC Family

The Secret Life of the American Teenager used to run from 2008 to 2013. The show is also know as “The Secret”.

Amy Juergens is an ambitions and talented musician. After a huge mistake one night, she ends up as a 15 year old mom, she is yet to discover the difficulties of being a teen mother. She is supposed to confront the problem of the father and her baby.

121 episodes and 5 seasons, that’s how long it lasted, it shows how important it is to be responsible as an teenager.

Make It Or Break It

Created by: Holly Sorensen
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 45 mins
Original Channel: ABC Family

Make It Or Break It was three year on air, from 2009 to 2012. The main characters were played by Ayla Kell, Josie Loren and Cassandra Scerbo.

It’s about a group of teens preparing for the Olympics. Their future is in jeopardy after the coach is blackmailed out of the job. A lot of interesting characters makes this a great drama.

48 episodes and 4 seasons is the total of this TV drama.


Created by: Adam Milch
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Teen Drama
Running Time: 40 mins
Original Channel: ABC Family

Twisted premiered just a year ago. The newest TV show on this list, it’s the right time to start watching it. Avan Jogia, Kylie Bunbury and Maddie Hasson are the lead characters.

A teen who had a troubled childhood reconnects with his two best childhood friends, after a fellow students is found dead in her (one of his friends) home, he becomes the prime suspect.

The first season is complete, 19 episodes of great teen drama.

The Fosters

Created by: Peter Paige, Bradley Bredeweg
Genre: Teen Drama, Family Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: ABC Family

The Fosters is on air since last year just like Twisted. The second season is reaching its end.

It’s a modern family; a lesbian couple tries to raise their biological and adopted kids. It’s a great teen and family drama. The relationship between Sherri Saum’s and Teri Polo’s characters is quite interesting.

The show was praised for being able to attract both the young and the older audience. Seven months before its debut the show got very criticized by the One Millions Moms, a conservative organization for trying to redefine marriage.

Teen Wolf

Created by: Jeff Davis
Genre: Action, Romance, Supernatural, Horror, Teen Drama, Comedy Drama
Running Time: 40-43 mins
Original Channel: MTV

Teen Wolf is on air since 2011. Tyler Posey does a great job as the protagonist in this teen supernatural drama.

An unpopular kid gets bitten by a werewolf and consequently absorbs its powers and its enemies. With the powers came the popularity as-well. Trying to cope with them and the enemies is not an easy task.

It has been announced that there will be a fifth season. The first season has received a lot of praise by the professional critics.

The Originals

Created by: Julie Plec
Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural Drama
Running Time: 45 mins
Original Channel: The CW

The Originals premiered in 2013. Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt and Daniel Gillies are one of the main characters of the show.

A vampire family comes back to the city they built, New Orleans. The story line is great. The plot takes place in 1919.

There will be a second season of this supernatural drama, this show is a spun-off of the Vampire Dairies.


Created by: Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk
Genre: Musical, Teen Drama, Comedy Drama
Running Time: 40-48 mins
Original Channel: Fox

Glee is on air since 2009. The first season was really well received by critics.

A group of teens that feel unaccepted in high school join a glee club where they find their strength and voice.

A movie was released in 2011 named Glee: The Concert Movie. One of the best musical TV shows and a great teen drama.


Created by: Aaron Korsh
Genre: Comedy Drama, Legal Drama
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: USA Network

Suits is a fairly new TV show, it has been on air since 2011. Gabriel Macht does a great job as the protagonist of this legal drama.

Mike Ross drops out of college in order to start working with Harvey Specter, one of the best lawyers in New York. Ross has an above average intelligence, the reason he joined the law firm is to redeem himself out of a bad drug deal.

Season 4 is already underway; it’s a great show with a lot of unpredictability.

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