Top 10 TV Shows Like The Desperate Housewives

What are the best TV shows like The Desperate Housewives? Another interesting list, this time we have TV shows that are the most similar to The Desperate Housewives.

It was an interesting list to make, I hope you’ll like and even more important that you will find a new series to watch.

The Desperate Housewives was a very popular series, the ones on the list…well, you’ll find more popular and definateley less popular, TV shows that have finished airing and some that are still on our TV’s. Start scrolling down.

Best Shows Like The Desperate Housewives

Devious Maids

Created by: Marc Cherry
Genre: Mystery, Comedy Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: Lifetime

Devious Maids is a new series, it has been on air since last year, the show was created by Marc Cherry.

Four Latina are more than simple maids, they have big dreams and aspiration, they work for the famous and rich in Beverly Hills. The second season is already underway, it started in April.

The reviews of the series have been positive so far. It’s a very similar TV show to Desperate Housewives.

Private Practice

Created by: Shonda Rhimes
Genre: Comedy Drama, Medical Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Private Practice was created by Shonda Rhimes, it has been on air from 2007 to 2013 on ABC, it is a great medical drama. Kate Walsh is the main actress of the show.

It revolves around the life of the neonatal surgeon known as Addison Montgomery. It’s a spin off from the series Grey’s Anatomy.

The reception was mixed, the pilot was very criticized.

Ugly Betty

Created by: Fernano Gaitan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 42 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Ugly Betty was created by the Colombian telenovelas and and TV series screenwriter. It has been on air from 2006 to 2010, it has 85 episodes and 4 seasons.

Betty has a great character, she is sweet, funny and smart but she is not beautiful, that’s the thing that separates her from the others who work at Mode. The only reason she got the job is because Daniel’s father thought that his son would never go for her.

America Ferrera plays the protagonist in this series.

Sex and the City

Created by: Darren Star
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 30 mins
Original Channel: HBO

Sex and the City was on air from 1998 to 2004, it was created by Darren Star, Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the stars of the show.

It’s about women in their thirties living in New York City and trying to make the right decisions when it comes to their love life, career and friendship. One of the more popular series on the list.

A movie was made with the same name, it was released in 2008.

Ally McBeal

Created by: David E. Kelley
Genre: Surreal Dramedy
Running Time: 45-48 mins
Original Channel: Fox

Ally McBeal was created by David E. Kelley, it was on air for five years, from 1997 to 2002. Calista Flockhart plays the main character of this surreal drama.

Ally and Billy Thomas are childhood friends, Ally even decided to go to Harvard law school even though she wasn’t interested in law. Billy then decides to pursue his career away from Ally, she gets offered a job in a law firm and guess who works there?

The show had a good start but the ratings started to decline in the third season.


Created by: Mike Kelley
Genre: Mystery, Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: ABC

Revenge is on air since 2011. It was created by Mike Kelley and is on ABC. Victoria Grayson, Nolan Ross and Emily Thorne are the main characters of the series.

The tittle kind of gives it away, a daughter of a framed man infiltrates Upper Hamptons society in order to revenge her father. There are 66 episodes of this mystery TV show.

The ratings of the pilot were quite good, give the series a chance.

The Good Wife

Created by: Robert and Michelle King
Genre: Legal Drama
Running Time: 43 mins
Original Channel: CBS

The Good Wife was created by the married couple King. it was on air since 2009. Julianna Margulies does a great job as the protagonist of this legal and political drama.

After a sex scandal Alicia’s husband ends up behind bars, she now has to support herself and her family, she proves to be better than expected.

The ratings are very high, one of my favorite show on this list, watch it!

Melrose Place

Created by: Darren Star
Genre: Soap Opera
Running Time: 44 mins
Original Channel: Fox Network

Melrose Place is a series created by Darren Star, there are 226 episodes, the show was on air from 1992 to 1999.

Its setting takes place in Melrose Place, California. Its about a group of young adults and their decisions about love and life in general, a lot of fights, misunderstanding, mistrusts and drama, a classical soap opera.

As far as this genre goes, this is one of the best, hope you’ll enjoy it.

Ghost Whisperer

Created by: John Gray
Genre: Mystery, Fantasy
Running Time: 42-44 mins
Original Channel: CBS

The Ghost Whisperer is a quite popular series, it was created by John Gray. The show was on out TV’s from 2005 to 2010.

The newly dead people need to send important messages to the living in order to proceed in the afterlife, a certain woman has that ability, to see the dead and consequently decides to help them.

The reception was very good, it was a very popular show with a lot of drama, very recommended.


Created by: Glenn Gordon Caron
Genre: Mystery
Running Time: 45 mins
Original Channel: NBC, CBS

Medium was on NBC from 2005 to 2009 and then for the final two seasons it was aired on CBS. The show was created by Glenn Gordon Caron. Patricia Arquette plays the protagonist of the series.

She reveives visions of the dead people by them how they died, she tries to solve the cases and maintain a normal family life. There are 130 episodes and 7 seasons of this procedural drama.

The pilot had 16 million viewers, the rating were quite good and is an interesting series that you should probably watch, that does it for this list.

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