Smart & Intelligent TV Shows

Most people think of TV as a mind-numbing device. According to researches, some TV shows can actually make you smarter.

The reason is some of the shows are based on scientific facts, health concerns, law and order and criminal strategies.

By watching these intelligent shows, you can learn something new from each one of these.

These shows are written after deep research in the concerned field so that the storyline can have a realistic effect. Some of the smartest TV shows are listed below.

Top 5 Smartest TV Shows

smart tv shows

house smart tv showHouse

This show is focused on an intelligent doctor, House MD who with the help of his team diagnoses the diseases and ailments. The cast discusses the symptoms of the disease depicted by the patients and how they can be related to a particular disease so that they can find out what the right cure is without having to experiment on the patient to bring him out of a critical condition.

The writers have dug out a lot in the medical field to come up with factual diseases and the detailed analysis, making it one of the most popular TV shows that can teach you a lot of things.

The Big Bang Theory geek tv showThe Big Bang Theory

This is a very popular show based on the lives of four scientists. Two of these live together and have a next door neighbor who has the least knowledge about science.

The discussions among these scientists and the physics facts included in the dialogues are a great source of knowledge which is fed to the viewers with a dose of humor, which makes it very easy to digest.

The West Wing smart political showThe West Wing

This show is set in the west wing of the White House and depicts the on goings of the president’s residence. It revolves around the time of a democratic presidential term and is appraised for its realistic depiction of the proceedings in the house of the most powerful man on planet Earth.

The show has gained wide acclaim due to its focus on realistic issues. This show tells a lot about the politics and the games that are played on the other side of the doors of White House.

Planet Earth documentary seriesPlanet Earth

This show has only 11 episodes but has stirred the viewers by this small number. It focuses on the natural habitats of various animals and takes the viewers to the jungles and the poles to show them how animals interact with each other.

Also each episode takes a few minutes to describe how the documentary was made. It is a very interesting show and a must-watch for nature lovers.

How’s it made posterHow’s it made

This show takes an ordinary object and takes the viewers to see how it is made from scratch.

The manufacturing process is shown in the half-hour episodes and it has made this show one of the most popular ones. Anyone can learn a lot from this show.

There are many other intelligent TV shows which are focused on the facts and provide a lot of information to the viewers.

If you are planning to watch something exiting that can teach a thing or two about the real life, these shows are the best to start with.

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